Thursday, June 2, 2016

Claiming Compensation after Getting Injured At Work

Whether you do labor work on the construction site or you do a white collar job, safety at workplace is your absolute right that your employer is responsible to provide you. With that said any accident or mishap, which wouldn’t involve your fault, at the workplace makes you eligible for the compensation. After the accident, the employer’s job would be to make thorough analysis of the factors that caused the accident to happen. If your employer is not paying attention to these factors, it simply means that he/she is not caring much about the workplace’s safety.

After getting injured at the workplace with no fault from your side, you should know that filing a personal injury case can get the compensation you deserve. However, you will have to take a number of factors into consideration. All you have to do is to collect details. Below mentioned are aspects of information collection process.

  • Get the details about the reason of injury. Finding root cause sometimes helps in identifying the main culprit. Also, you should remember the task that you were doing when accident happened and you got injured.
  • If there were any witnesses of the accident, collect their details too. Get their contact information and ask about their willingness to show up in the court to give an account of what they saw.
  • Let your immediate bosses know the whole detail of accident. Explain to them about task you were performing at the time when accident got you injured. Also explain the cause of accident to them.
  • Prepare a record of what happened. Write down every detail on the paper and prepare a formal document that would explain your injury and your stance.
After collect of details, you will need to submit the claim. You might be asked questions which you will need to answer in order to proceed with the case.

Those questions include:

  • Information about your employer
  • Your position in the company or industry
  • When did the accident happen; i.e. were you performing the task assigned by the company?
  •   What protective were you provided with?
  • Did that accident affect your working capabilities?
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